How the Cloud Is – and Isn’t – Changing IT

Amy Larsen DeCarlo
Amy Larsen DeCarlo

Summary Bullets:

  • The cloud strikes fear in the hearts of IT professionals that see the model’s potential to render them obsolete.
  • Yet, according to a recent Current Analysis survey on enterprise cloud adoption, many enterprises in the process of migrating to the cloud are finding that while on-demand solutions may alter the role of IT, there is still a need for internal professionals to manage technology.

Corporate IT staffers’ concerns about the threat to their job security posed by providers of external sourcing solutions are hardly new.  In both complex and more tactical engagements through the years, IT managers have often been leery of third-party providers.  At a minimum, IT staffers worry about outsiders disrupting processes and adding unnecessary complexity; at worst, they see third-party providers as presenting their employers with a cheaper alternative to their own IT expertise.

The advent of the cloud, with its flexible provisioning and cost-competitive delivery model, presents corporate IT organizations with a dangerous new interloper into their carefully guarded territory.  Yet, while many may see the cloud as a potentially destabilizing presence that can disturb the control internal IT managers have over their technology environments, not every technology professional sees on-demand solutions as a danger to their roles in the organization.  For example, only 14% of enterprises surveyed in Current Analysis’ recently completed 2012 survey on enterprise cloud adoption said they expect their role to become smaller as their organization migrates to the cloud.

For higher-level IT professionals and those in larger organizations, it is probably true that, rather than reducing their role, the introduction of cloud technologies will allow them to focus on more strategic technology pursuits, even though the cloud is likely to enable some reductions in resource requirements.  However, the smaller the business, the greater the threat the cloud poses to internal IT, according to our recent survey.  Still, even in these smaller businesses, there may be a role for internal IT to play if they can demonstrate a savvy understanding of how to leverage all technology models, including the cloud, to support the business’s objectives.

What are you seeing in your organization?  Are you threatened by the cloud?  Or, are you ready to embrace it as a means to secure your reputation for seeking out innovative solutions to improve overall operational efficiencies?

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