Network Equipment Vendors Well Positioned in Mobility Deals

A. Braunberg
A. Braunberg

Summary Bullets

  • Network equipment vendors are well positioned to be preferred providers of enterprise mobility solutions.
  • These vendors should not ignore a place on mobile endpoints, however and should deliver secure connectivity, management and security.

I introduced a few data points from Current Analysis’ recent Mobility Survey in my last mobility blog post post (see “Addressing the Adoption of Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise,” October 27, 2011). The takeaway from that post was that enterprises are strongly inclined to purchase tablets and smartphones for employees to use at work and that these organizations want to manage those devices. That data leads to an obvious follow up: what vendors benefit from enterprise purchase of these devices?

Additional survey data sheds light on that question. Asked: “Which of the following best describes your company’s strategy with regard to procuring network infrastructure, equipment and software for mobility (such as mobile access to corporate applications and collaboration tools)?”  55% of U.S. respondents (52% Europe) said evaluation and purchase of these products are included in larger network infrastructure deals. This compares to 38% of US respondents (36% Europe) that say that mobility is a stand-alone initiative. This presents significant opportunity for network equipment vendors.

This opportunity has not been lost on several of these vendors who have been filling out their portfolios on the client (mobile device) side with both management and security capabilities. Our data indicates that this is a prudent strategy. Network equipment vendors poll very strongly as providers of mobile security – when asked, “When considering security solutions for mobile devices at your company, which of the following class of vendor would be your preferred supplier?” 31% of U.S. respondents (26% Europe) picked network equipment vendors. Traditional security vendors scored 32% (U.S.) and 22% (Europe). No other class of vendor came close.

Add to this one more data point. When asked what characteristics they most looked for in a mobility management solution provider, security expertise was picked by more respondents than any other characteristic (U.S. 62%, Europe 54%). Network equipment vendors should be looking to deliver holistic connectivity, management and security solutions for enterprises. Cisco and Juniper have already taken this strategy with their focus on AnyConnect and Junos Pulse (respectively). Their competitors should be aggressively developing similar strategies.

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