IT Market Upheaval Drives Opportunity

J. Caron
J. Caron

Summary Bullets:

  • IT market upheaval is good for IT managers
  • New Current Analysis IT Connection blog delivers access to analyst thoughts

These are intensely turbulent times. This is true at a macro level, in terms of economic and socio-political change, but also true in the world of IT technology and services. From the hype surrounding the so-called convergence of networking and IT, to the bombastic (some would say obnoxious) revolutionary claims of cloud services, the world of the IT manager and executive really is changing, and this is really good news.

We are at the beginning of a period in time when a key objective in any IT organization will be to optimize application delivery architectures by mixing the perfect cocktail of on-premise technologies with cloud-based offerings. The opportunity to gain greater efficiency (and cost savings) should be massive. Further, there should be tremendous flexibility at hand, increasing business agility and competitiveness.

What’s not to like? Well, as any bartender will say, mixing the perfect cocktail is tougher than it looks. IT managers will need to adjust their thinking and make good decisions about deployments to get the implied cost savings and increased flexibility. And for vendors, the struggle to position themselves properly for this shift is fraught with peril. Some of the biggest names—Cisco and HP are two marquee examples amongst many others—are struggling under the weight of expectation. Service providers—particularly those that own networks—are caught in a very strange world that combines eager anticipation of vast cloud-driven riches with stone-cold fear about where to place bets and precisely what to do next.

With architectural changes potentially delivering more cost-effective and powerful IT, as well as nervous vendors and service providers grappling in new competitive arenas, the traditional IT world is being turned on its head.  That means great opportunity.

What do you think? Is change good? This is the first in a new blog series for the Current Analysis IT Connection community. There will be new posts every day with the following themes: Communicate, Network, Mobilize, Secure and Cloud Enable. The bloggers are the Current Analysis analyst team, and their thoughts will be derived directly from the expertise that drives the technology and service provider product and company decision-making insights you find here at IT Connection. We’re looking forward to sharing thoughts and working with you going forward.

What do you think?

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