Capgemini’s New Sustainable IT Portfolio Addresses Growing Interest in Decarbonization

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

  • Capgemini deepened its commitment to its sustainability practice by announcing a new ‘Sustainable IT’ portfolio.
  • IT services providers are well placed to offer carbon reduction consulting services.

Technology providers, enterprise customers, and financial investors are increasingly making business decisions influenced by environmental sustainability considerations.  A growing number are looking at their own carbon footprints and setting timelines for reduced emissions; many are also weighing the environmental impact of organizations when identifying potential partners, providers, vendors, and investment opportunities.

To meet customer demand, several IT services providers are developing sustainability practices.  Thought leaders offer services that range from helping clients measure and report on emissions to developing strategies and putting in place roadmaps to meet zero emission targets.  For example, at the end of January 2021, Accenture and Salesforce joined together to launch services that help enterprises more effectively track and measure progress in implementing sustainability initiatives (see Tech Services Providers Tackle Sustainability).  Additionally, in 2020, Atos acquired EcoAct, a carbon reduction strategy consulting firm, solidifying its intention to work with customers on decarbonization assessments and roadmaps for achieving carbon neutrality (see Atos’ Acquisition of EcoAct Demonstrates Commitment to Growing Decarbonization Portfolio).  Atos also positions its digital solutions as able to help decarbonize business processes; similarly, Capgemini promotes the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to help companies analyze and optimize energy consumption and implement logistics solutions that reduce fuel consumption.

Earlier this month, Capgemini deepened its commitment to its sustainability practice by announcing a new ‘Sustainable IT’ portfolio.   The suite of services is designed to help clients develop environmentally responsible IT programs.  Capgemini’s portfolio includes four sets of capabilities:  sustainable IT strategy, sustainable IT transformation, sustainable IT employees, and IT for sustainable business.  ‘Sustainable IT strategy’ helps organizations assess the environmental impact of their IT organization via quantitative and qualitative analysis of devices, infrastructure, applications, and data.  ‘Sustainable IT transformation’ includes an analysis of options such as server optimization, cloud migration, and application eco-design, to help organizations reduce their carbon footprints and their operating costs.  ‘Sustainable IT employees’ initiatives aim to make workforce activities more sustainable via tools and training programs.  Finally, ‘IT for sustainable business’ advises customers on the use of new technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, and analytics to address environmental challenges.  Capgemini claims it has already used these solutions to help clients in banking, insurance, utilities, manufacturing, public service, and energy deploy more sustainable practices.

IT services providers are in a unique position; they are well placed to share lessons learned with customers.  Most are developing internal milestones and implementing strategies to reduce their own carbon emissions.  The majority have a deep understanding of industry-specific concerns and challenges; they can often understand region-specific regulatory requirements and can provide a best practices perspective based on interactions with clients across sectors and geographies.  Furthermore, they can complement this knowledge with expertise that spans a range of well-established and emerging technologies that can support more sustainable business operations.

Although not the first to announce a sustainability practice, Capgemini is early to market with its suite of solutions.  IT services providers are just starting to launch portfolios that build on the expertise they have gained in developing more sustainable business models.  France-based Capgemini, with its large European customer base and environmentally conscientious constituency, is well positioned to see strong momentum with its new offerings.

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