2018 Predictions: What to Expect in Application Platforms

C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Technology vendors will productize and operationalize key application platform components through pre-assembled toolchains and pipelines to ease configuration complexities.
  • Traditional MEAP solutions are being enhanced and repositioned to address advanced app development requirements, including mobile, web, IoT, and chatbots.

In 2017, IT operations played a greater role than ever in the application development and deployment process, albeit amid extreme configuration complexity. The prospect of advancing modern app development through new architectures that better support the DevOps model and need for continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) was certainly part of vendors’ messaging throughout the year. However, deployment complexities were prevalent, stunting the potential of emerging platform services. Continue reading “2018 Predictions: What to Expect in Application Platforms”

SD-WAN Value Blog, Part 1: Evolving the WAN to Drive Customer Experience Transformation

J. Stradling
J. Stradling

Summary Bullets:

  • SD-WAN gives managed service providers opportunities to drive customer loyalty and move up the value chain.
  • Staying in one place is no longer an option in the managed WAN services segment.
  • An agile network is essential for enterprises wanting to be the champions of great customer experience within their specific segment.

Moving Up the Value Chain

SD-WAN offers managed service providers considerable opportunities to drive loyalty from clients as well as offer multiple layers of value-added products around data center and cloud, WAN acceleration, applications performance management, and firewall security. In fact, these are already table stakes in the market today. Many physical appliance-based network features and functions are increasingly becoming available as software-defined network services, in the form of more unique and BYOD-style VNFs being part of expanding menus. Continue reading “SD-WAN Value Blog, Part 1: Evolving the WAN to Drive Customer Experience Transformation”