Cisco Systems Should Buy MobileIron: Here’s Why

E. Parizo
E. Parizo

Summary Bullets:

  • Cisco’s enterprise security portfolio lacks a strong play on mobile devices, especially those running iOS or Android.
  • By acquiring MobileIron, Cisco would gain strong enterprise EMM technology and the much-needed ability to enforce policy on disconnected mobile devices.

Tech industry prognosticators enjoy speculating about what companies Cisco will acquire next. In enterprise security, the vendor has a several needs, perhaps none more glaring than the need for improved mobile device security and policy enforcement.

Cisco’s security objective is to offer end-to-end security from the cloud to the endpoint, but it lacks a strong play on mobile devices – iOS and Android in particular – which has become crucial. On-network devices can benefit from the protection afforded by its network security capabilities, but when mobile devices leave the network, they are vulnerable, particularly to inbound malware. Continue reading “Cisco Systems Should Buy MobileIron: Here’s Why”