Cisco Live! 2016: Ladies and Gentleman, I Give You Self-Learning Networks

B. Shimmin
B. Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

• Engineers have been seeking for decades to instrument and monitor the data center in real time with varying, but always limited, degrees of success.

• With Cisco Tetration Analytics platform, the company hopes to take a leap forward with a witch’s brew of big data, machine learning and IoT-scale instrumentation that together promises to bury traditional network monitoring under a mountain of analytical insight.

I remember the ‘80s fondly, mostly because I’m a product of ‘the 80s, an era I think we can all agree was a lot more fun than our current epoch, the, ah, naughties. The clothes, the music, the art, the attitude, but mostly the hair, they all spelled out in big bold, color the idea of optimism. Optimism that we could do some seriously cool stuff. Take Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 pseudo-dystopian dose of frenetic energy, Back to the Future. As a kid, I just “knew” that time traveling cars could happen and that there was no reason at all why we couldn’t do just that — given enough plutonium of course. Continue reading “Cisco Live! 2016: Ladies and Gentleman, I Give You Self-Learning Networks”