Where and When Should IoT Data Deliver the Goods?

B. Shimmin
B. Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

• Where and how quickly do companies analyze IoT data? Do they iteratively push device data into a central warehouse en mass for analysis later, or do they process all of that data at or close to the source in real-time?

• It turns out that enterprises want answers not just here and now but also later and in greater detail, making the case for combined distributed and centralized data processing.

I maintain a friendly but superficial relationship with math, but I understand enough to admire ideas like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Erwin Schrodinger’s related and now famous thought experiment about the wellbeing of secretly imprisoned felines. It’s intriguing to think that for certain pairs of physical properties, like both the location and velocity of a given particle, you can calculate a particle’s speed, but in so doing you forfeit the ability to also know its location.

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