Meet the New Informatica, Same as the Old Informatica (Thankfully)

B. Shimmin
B. Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Now a private company, Informatica marked a significant change of direction at its annual user conference with the introduction of an end-to-end marketing analytics solution aimed squarely at business buyers.
  • Have the big data market and Informatica itself moved beyond the era of databases and data discovery to embrace pure business outcomes built upon data-driven insights? The answer is of course both ‘no’ and ‘yes,’ in that order.

It seems lately that the entire technology industry has gone insane… but in a good way, of course.  Case in point: Informatica.  At its annual user conference in San Francisco last week, the decades-old data management software purveyor announced that it was suddenly and completely enamored with business outcomes.  This is in no way unexpected or even unusual, as many, many technology providers are feverishly following the money. Continue reading “Meet the New Informatica, Same as the Old Informatica (Thankfully)”