No Access to the Executive Telepresence Suite? Try a Huddle Room Instead

Tim Banting
Tim Banting

Summary Bullets:

  • As teams become more geographically dispersed (and inclusive of customers, partners and external agencies), organizational requirements for ad-hoc meetings are increasing; consequently, this democratization of video is resulting in the redesign of the physical workspace.
  • To maximize productivity, small informal meeting places (known as “huddle rooms”) need to incorporate the right physical attributes (adaptable furniture, white boards, Internet access, power, etc.), hardware (screens, speaker phones, video cameras) and software.

It’s hard to deny that the modern workplace is changing. The place we work is more varied than it has ever been. We work in airport lounges, serviced offices, homes, customer sites and, of course, our offices. Offices, with their fixed spaces (such as large conferencing rooms and cube farms), oftentimes detract from a team’s ability to work productively. As the two biggest cost centers in most businesses are people and property, more forward-thinking organizations are starting to combine these two elements in a more strategic way to optimize both. Continue reading “No Access to the Executive Telepresence Suite? Try a Huddle Room Instead”