Docker Takes the Next Big Step in Hardening Its Container Ecosystem

Steven Hill
Steven Hill

Summary Bullets:

  • Open source containers may actually live up to the hype of becoming a viable alternative technology for hosting distributed applications.
  • Docker’s container technology will only succeed if it continues to build out a similarly strengthened and reliable management framework equal or greater to that of existing application environments.

Many IT decisions for enterprises are heavily based on reliability. They have to be, because the typical enterprise customer doesn’t have the time, budget, staff, or patience to deal with the fiddly-bits of making a fledgling system run, especially if there’s a Tier 1 vendor solution already available that meets most of the criteria. This has always been the open source dilemma for enterprise IT managers; is it worth the risk of reaching for the shiny brass ring of low-cost open source software when it’s just as easy to stay safe on the vendor pony? Well, sometimes it is, and the brass ring of container technology is getting closer and closer at a surprising rate. Continue reading “Docker Takes the Next Big Step in Hardening Its Container Ecosystem”