Communicate Using Solutions, Not Products

S. O'Boyle
S. O'Boyle

Summary Bullets:

  • Look at how service providers support communication solutions, not just the vendors and products, ask for customer support center locations and processes, the professional services staff numbers by geography, number of people with certifications, and SIP trunking availability for starters.
  • Consider and compare carriers and IT service providers, depending on your needs and you could be surprised that carriers are looking more like ‘integrators’ these days.

Service providers have been facing tough times with voice and data revenues falling year over year, and new ‘advanced services’ slow to make up the shortfall, combined with the desire (and often necessity) from enterprises to get more for less. The need to transform is ongoing though the focus on technology and new ‘products’ can distract service providers. While innovation and technology is important, pretty soon every service provider ends up selling a similar IP PBX or Microsoft or Cisco UC service, and differentiation in the competitive landscape disappears. Enterprises will end up choosing the service providers who can deliver outstanding customer service and support together with a ‘cost-effective solution’, designed for their business needs, and that can be adapted for future needs by skilled integration and professional services staff. Continue reading “Communicate Using Solutions, Not Products”