Socializing Data, Not Just People

B. Shimmin
B. Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Collaboration players accustomed to putting people above data can learn a thing or two from infrastructure vendors steeped in the rigors of data integration, event processing, and systems automation.
  • TIBCO’s new geolocation service, tibbr GEO, successfully turns a physical location into a contextual data hub where information is socialized alongside people.

I spent most of my early years skiing in the Rocky Mountains, a fact which has apparently skewed the way I perceive the world.  This worldview, as my wife has pointed out many times, makes me drive too fast and complain about a distinct shortage of mountains in the Northeast.  It is the same for technology companies.  Early experiences inform future actions.  A vendor steeped in messaging, for example, views the collaboration business as a people-driven equation.  So, what happens when a vendor accustomed to viewing all business problems as being data-driven approaches collaboration? Continue reading “Socializing Data, Not Just People”

Network Equipment Vendors Well Positioned in Mobility Deals

A. Braunberg
A. Braunberg

Summary Bullets

  • Network equipment vendors are well positioned to be preferred providers of enterprise mobility solutions.
  • These vendors should not ignore a place on mobile endpoints, however and should deliver secure connectivity, management and security.

I introduced a few data points from Current Analysis’ recent Mobility Survey in my last mobility blog post post (see “Addressing the Adoption of Tablets and Smartphones in the Enterprise,” October 27, 2011). The takeaway from that post was that enterprises are strongly inclined to purchase tablets and smartphones for employees to use at work and that these organizations want to manage those devices. That data leads to an obvious follow up: what vendors benefit from enterprise purchase of these devices? Continue reading “Network Equipment Vendors Well Positioned in Mobility Deals”