Data Analysis Teams with Data Synthesis to Navigate a Shaken Economy

Ted Cuzzillo,
Principal Analyst – Data Analytics

Summary Bullets:

• Analysis isn’t enough anymore. To be truly data driven, organizations also need synthesis.

• The analysis-synthesis duo can thrive if supported by a handful of conditions and practices within the organization.

The recent QlikWorld Online conference came and went with no new public roadmap, but it did offer something better: an intriguing vision of an analytics trend that’s built on a handful of new requirements — which altogether stand as a row of streetlights for the analytics industry to portend a new road.

In “2020 Trends: Analytics Alone is No Longer Enough,” Qlik senior director of global market intelligence Dan Sommer argued that today analytics needs its other half, synthesis. This seems especially relevant and timely for the new pandemic-ravaged world. Continue reading “Data Analysis Teams with Data Synthesis to Navigate a Shaken Economy”