AI in the Contact Center: Why and How?

Gary Barton – Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

Summary Bullets:

• Most enterprises agree that AI delivers benefits – but not necessarily the benefits they expected

• AI projects require clear goals and a dedicated project management team, as well as external advice

GlobalData’s research into AI includes talking to enterprises about how and why they are using AI-powered technologies in the contact center. This research has given light to a number of key trends, and also highlighted examples of best practice.

What Technologies Are Being Used?

GlobalData’s research shows that, perhaps unsurprisingly, AI-powered chatbots are the most prevalent use case for AI in the contact center. The use of text-based chatbots on websites is now common, but GlobalData’s research suggest that voice-based chatbots are more of a focus for enterprises. Cost reduction is a key reason for this, particularly for contact centers in North America and Europe. But chatbots also deliver the potential for increased customer service with the potential for quicker response times to more simple inquiries. Continue reading “AI in the Contact Center: Why and How?”

Survey Results Indicate Strong Investment in AI by Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Sectors

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

  • Organizations in banking, financial services, and insurance are more likely to prioritize current and future investment in AI than overall survey respondents.
  • AI-driven solutions can help the sector verify customer identification and assist with fraud detection as well as anti-money laundering and know-your-customer initiatives.

Banking, financial services, and insurance organizations are eager to leverage AI solutions such as chat bots, deep learning, and machine learning. According to GlobalData’s most recent IT Customer Insight survey, organizations in this sector are more likely to be prioritizing investment in AI technology than their counterparts across other vertical industries. As shown below, 63% of respondents in banking, financial services, and insurance currently prioritize investments in AI, compared to only 54% of companies across all vertical markets. Similarly, 64% of financial services, insurance, and banking organizations have prioritized AI for investment in the next two years, versus only 55% of overall survey respondents. Continue reading “Survey Results Indicate Strong Investment in AI by Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Sectors”