TM ONE Smart Services: End-to-End IoT Solutions Tailored for Local Needs

A. Amir

Summary Bullets:

  • TM ONE leverages its wide ICT capabilities, research and development, and local knowledge to offer IoT solutions and gain a competitive edge in the market by addressing the needs of domestic enterprises.
  • However, the applications offered are limited and there are still gaps in its platform features compared to others in the market.

IoT in Malaysia and the Main Inhibitor

IoT has become a business need rather than a good-to-have technology. With benefits such as reducing operational expenditure, the technology is implemented by enterprises across verticals as a new solution or a replacement of the existing process. In Malaysia, the IoT deployment is growing, driven by the manufacturing sector, which accounts for over 80% of the country’s total exports and 23% of the GDP. However, overall adoption is still low, mainly due to the high solution cost and intangible business case, as revealed by a recent study done by GlobalData. For example, the labour and utility costs are low in the country, making it challenging for enterprises to justify the investment needed to implement IoT solutions. An IoT solution that replaces a human role needs to cost less than the minimum annual wage in the country (US$3,100) before the enterprise can start seeing the cost benefits. In another example, a solution that offers 25% of energy reduction from street lights offers savings of only US$20 per light, per year. While the benefits are proven and promising, the total investment required for end-to-end IoT solutions (connectivity, devices, platform, security and services) is often higher than the cost benefits a solution can offer in Malaysia.

TM ONE Smart Services

Leveraging its wide ICT capabilities, research and development, and local knowledge, TM ONE offers its IoT solutions, branded as ‘Smart Services,’ and has a competitive edge in the market by addressing the specific needs of domestic enterprises. As shared by Azrin Aris, the General Manager of Emerging Solutions and Innovation at TM ONE, at Beyond Paradigm Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, TM ONE Smart Services are offered as end-to-end solutions and focus on smart city, smart building and smart home applications. What differentiates TM ONE Smart Services in the market is the cost of the solutions. The provider is able to lower its cost by leveraging its own infrastructure and platform, compared to solutions offered by other providers where the pricing highly depends on the wholesale/leasing agreement of other IoT components, such as platform, network and services. This enables TM ONE to offer a solution tailored to meet customers’ budgets. The OpEx model minimizes the high upfront investment and allows its customers to scale up the deployment as required.

Recommendations for User

Apart from cost, Malaysian enterprises may consider TM Smart Services because of the end-to-end solutions, professional services and strong local support offered by the provider. This could minimize the potential integration issues from multi-vendor deployments and hence ensure successful deployments. However, while TM ONE is planning to expand its IoT portfolio, the current applications offered are limited to smart parking, smart traffic light, smart office and a home surveillance system. The in-house platform also has limited features compared to the ones offered by global players such as Cisco, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, particularly around artificial intelligence, API, security and user interface/ease of use.

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