Wanted: A Microsoft-Delivered Lync Appliance for SMBs

Brian Riggs
B. Riggs

Summary Bullets:

  • It is possible to deploy Microsoft Lync in a one- or two-server configuration for SMBs.
  • Microsoft is not yet delivering Lync solutions specific to SMBs, but it should be.

Microsoft marketed Office Communications Server 2007 to large-sized enterprises with thousands of users.  This focus on the enterprise remained unchanged when the company released Lync, Microsoft’s latest and greatest unified communications software.  The software is in fact highly scalable, capable of delivering instant messaging, Web conferencing, and telephony services to businesses with thousands of end users.  However, such a large deployment can require a considerable number of servers to run the various software components – at least enough to put Lync out of the price range of SMBs that might consider it as an alternative to traditional PBX systems.  Continue reading “Wanted: A Microsoft-Delivered Lync Appliance for SMBs”

Tough Economic Times Give Google a Shot at Communications

S. O'Boyle
S. O'Boyle

Summary Bullets:         

  • Communications and collaboration-as-a-service strategies should include the option of Google as well as Microsoft and Cisco.  Many service providers support Microsoft Lync and increasing numbers support Office 365, but few in Europe offer Google Apps. 
  • For service providers, the need to add value on top of application providers (Google, Microsoft, whoever) is critical.  This could mean SIP trunking, QoS on video, application performance SLAs, and even training and support; for those integrators with the IT skills customization, it could also mean workspace management and application business process integration.

Consider the inroads Microsoft has made into the communications and collaboration market in just a few years, starting from a position of strength in e-mail.  Google is not there yet, but it is gaining ground, as shown by its recent large enterprise win in Spain. Continue reading “Tough Economic Times Give Google a Shot at Communications”