MWC16: Be Careful What You Wish For

Summary Bullets:

• The security versus privacy security is a growing threat to mobile operators, so they need to enter the debate to ensure customers continue to trust them.

• Success may be an even more pernicious problem, but the industry is showing its mettle in finding solutions.

As you read this, the madness and mayhem of MWC16 is winding down. But one of the key debates that will shape the future of the industry was taking place in the US between Apple, Google and Facebook, and the FBI. The issue is the balance between public security and personal privacy. Continue reading “MWC16: Be Careful What You Wish For”

MWC16 May Reveal that IoT Will Upset the Industry’s Balance of Power

Summary Bullets:

• The sharing economy plus IoT is changing the balance of power between telcos and their suppliers

• CSPs may be powerless to stop themselves from being marginalized.

There are two big questions hanging over Mobile World Congress 2016, which opens in Barcelona in a couple of weeks. The first is about who will win the scramble for account control in the Internet of Things. The second is about the industry’s balance of power as firms test the limits of the rented/shared asset ownership model.
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Looking for Wood Among the M2M Trees

Summary Bullets:

  • For CIOs, the hype around M2M is irrelevant to the value they can get from it.
  • If they can cost-justify a use case now, they should just do it; telcos need volume to drive prices even lower.

IoT has struggled to become pervasive because there is a mismatch between the longevity and cost of the communicating device and the application it serves, and the value they create. Since silicon can last forever, the secret is to increase the number of chips and applications in service. So when they talk to their telco suppliers about M2M applications, CIOs need to bear in mind the cost/volume/profit (CVP) relationship, and seek to maximize the value they can create. Continue reading “Looking for Wood Among the M2M Trees”

Why the VW Scandal Should Give All Managers Sleepless Nights

Summary Bullets:
• You can’t believe the machine
• You have to secure the whole product chain

Just when the automotive industry thought things couldn’t get worse, they did: weeks after a Jeep Cherokee was hacked, Volkswagen admitted to installing software to defraud regulators. The two incidents have put security on the agenda – big time – for every manager who thought automation was the answer.
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M2M Heavyweights Back Standards Drive for Wireless IoT, but They Need Help

Summary Bullets:

  • Cisco and Accenture add global credibility to the Wireless IoT Forum’s standards rationalisation efforts, while WSN Tech adds China to the UK contribution from BT, Telensa and Arkessa.
  • Consolidated standards should give developers a bigger target market at which to aim, increase innovation in applications, reduce develop-ment costs and lower ROI thresholds for buyers, but market history suggests it may never happen.

The Wireless IoT Forum, backed by Cisco, Accenture, BT, Telensa, Arkessa and WSN Tech, hopes to rationalise the many largely proprietary wireless standards used in M2M/IoT applications. It believes this will encourage more application developers and systems suppliers to enter the sector, giving more choice, so that more customers buy wireless M2M projects. Continue reading “M2M Heavyweights Back Standards Drive for Wireless IoT, but They Need Help”